Meet The DS Domination Team

Co-Founder: Hitesh Juneja

Hitesh is the driving force behind DS Domination. He has systematically become a master in every aspect of online business operations. His marketing campaigns have generated hundreds of thousands of leads resulting in tens of millions of dollars in online sales. Hitesh has an uncanny ability to take a simple idea, platform it, build a system around it and turn it into an income producing opportunity for the masses. His tireless efforts have made DSD the beacon of light in the home-based business arena.

President: Jason Rose

While Jason was managing a wildly successful Chiropractic business, he founded a national Hyperbaric Chamber business that quickly went Internationally and grossed over nearly $1 million dollars in it's first year. Both businesses grew extremely fast due to marketing experience in lead generation online and offline. With these achievements he became well known and trusted by members amongst his profession. He has also went on to grow a marketing and consulting company that helps other healthcare professionals and small businesses thrive in their market niches. With his marketing and business experience, he has been a constant force growing DSD and ensuring at the heart of this company stands a man that has not only the passion this industry needs but, a veteran marketer and business builder unmatched in the Online and Offline arena.

Co-Founder: Kevin Hokoana

Kevin Hokoana recently retired from the United States AirForce. He began his Online Marketing career with the aspirations of providing a better life for his family while continuing to serve in the United States Air Force. He did more than he could have ever imagined. Not only was he able to make up to 10 times what he made in his AirForce salary, he was able to walk both worlds. Excelling in the Military and dominating the Online marketing world, his vast experience in the service of his nation and becoming a top recruiter in several network marketing companies has brought a whole new level of success to DS Domination.